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11th Bayesian nonparametrics (BNP 2017)
The 11th Bayesian nonparametrics (BNP) meeting will be held in Paris from the 26th to the 30th of June at Ecole Normale Supérieure. The Bayesian nonparametrics conference is a bi-annual international meeting bringing together leading experts and talented young researchers working on applications and theory of nonparametric Bayesian statistics. It is an official section meeting of the Bayesian Nonparametrics section of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA).

Keynote Speakers

Ryan Adams, Harvard/Twitter
Peter Orbanz, Columbia
Barbara Engelhardt, Princeton

Invited Sessions

BNP and Big Data
James Johndrow
Nick Foti
Rajesh Ranganath

Feature allocations in theory and practice
Sinead Williamson
Trevor Campbell
Veronika Rockova

Recent Contributions to BNP arising from Biostatistics
Chris Holmes
Alejandro Jara
Lorenzo Trippa

BNP, Empirical Likelihood, and Support-Based Nonparametric Modeling
Nils Hjort
Art Owen
Reza Solgi

Recent developments in asymptotics, Posterior contraction and credible sets
Aad van der Vaart
Richard Nickl
Botond Szabo

Bayesian nonparametric modeling of networks and relational data
Dan Roy
Daniele Durante
Isadora Antoniano-Villalobos

Recent advances in dependent random measures and multivariate processes
Fabrizio Leisen
Antonio Lijoi
Lancelot James

Bayesian Nonparametrics for Improved Decision Making
Michele Guindani
Tim Hanson
Peter Mueller

Model selection in high-dimensional and nonparametric problems
David Rossel
Surya Tokdar
Debdeep Pati

Model misspecification
Jeff Miller
Ryan Martin
Stephen Walker

Multiscale and multiresolution models
Li Ma
Tony Canale
Subhashis Ghosal
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